Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Chauffeur's Perspective

Your chauffeur’s job on prom night is simply to get you to the big event in a nice limo … right? But professional chauffeurs take the responsibility of transporting prom goers very seriously: to them, it’s like taking care of their little brother or sister for the evening!

We recently interviewed BT, a professional chauffeur with over 12 years’ experience, and the veteran of many proms to get his thoughts.

To make prom night hassle free and safe for everyone, BT suggests that both parents and prom guests play an active role in the planning:

  • Be Prepared: provide a list to the chauffeur of the passengers with cell phone numbers and designated parents who will be available if issues arise during the evening. Parents should ask for the name and cell number of the chauffeur. 
  • Plan for Photos: when making a reservation be sure to inform the agent if there is a planned stop along the way to the prom for photos. Stopping for photos may add up to 30 minutes to the schedule and your chauffeur wants to get you to the prom on time!  Ask if there are additional charges.
  • Alcohol and Drugs: did you know a chauffeur can be arrested if minors are found with drugs or alcohol in a limo? If a chauffeur suspects drugs or alcohol in the vehicle they may terminate the reservation and contact the parents immediately to pick up the passengers.  
  • Unplanned Stops: chauffeurs will only drop off passengers at the end of night to the addresses provided on the reservation. Requests for extra stops along the way or to addresses not on the list usually require approval from both the limo company and the designated parents, and may incur additional charges.

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